Carbon (Graphic Novel)




What if there really was a Garden of Eden? A place with a history before the first people we know of, and a God before the one we now recognize?   A civilization cursed and banished underground for breaking their own commandment – to live in balance with the Earth.  When an evil coal operator discovers that the “sacred” carbon can burn forever, he will sacrifice the land and the people to extract the full deposit.  After 30 years of failed attempts, covered up as fatal mining accidents, the coal baron has finally found a way to extract his riches.  But in his final attempt he awakens and releases a hell the surface world cannot imagine.  And the only thing that stands in the way of the end of the world as we know it, is a disgraced, ex-pro baseball pitcher and a community of courageous coal miners.

CARBON is a new take on Man, Earth, and the God we know. Or think we know.  Fantasy?  Maybe, maybe not.  For certain, CARBON returns to life 2014!

Reflecting recent man-made human and environmental disasters,  CARBON is sensationalism with “message.”  Entertainment with “purpose.”




“Danny Boyd’s Carbon combines three distinct genres- Lovecraftian gorefest, religious picture book and politicall allegory- to tell the story of our slow and conscious self-poisoning.”

– John Sayles, from his introduction


“This graphic novel’s tale is a self-contained piece of world-building, loaded generously with imaginative flair and yet still grounded in reality like the wise Aesop born anew.”

- Richard Caldwell, Heavy Metal Magazine 


“With CARBON Boyd marries sci-fi monster flick ideas with Appalachian tragedy, showing us imaginative allegory and authentic profundity do not have to be mutually exclusive.”

- Chris Oxley, “Elston Gunn” of Ain’t It Cool News


“CARBON reads like an H.P. Lovecraft-influenced Robert E. Howard yarn updated for the age of mountain top removal and hydrofracking. There is a message here, and Boyd and Guedes deliver it with a mother lode of action and horror.”

- Bob Calhoun, author of “Shattering Conventions: Commerce, Cosplay and Conflict on the Expo Floor”


“In a world overrun with second rate, copy-cat comic books, “Carbon” is a truly unique graphic novel experience. Where a lot of comic books try to be “cool” these days – “Carbon” is actually very cool! It’s a graphic novel that explores humanity’s exploitative relationship with nature that is heartfelt, intimate, and totally outrageous.

- Scott Marcano, graphic novelist, screenwriter of Bio-Dome and Sanitarium     


“Faith can be a cruel mistress. Faith in our community, our employers, our churches and our leaders. Faith in ourselves especially. And while in these uncertain times having faith in others can be difficult, the talent displayed by the creative team here in a tale of very topical concerns is beyond any shadow of doubt. CARBON is explicitly for those who want to believe.”

- Dave Elliott, Co-Founder/Co-Owner of ATOMEKA Press


“Carbon is outstanding.  A great fantasy adventure wrapped in a tale of greed and corruption gone haywire.  Highly recommended.”

- Adam Hamdy, Writer/Filmmaker, The Hunter, Pulp


“Filmmakers, scholars, poets, authors, photographers, musicians and visual artists have used their skills to explore what mountaintop removal coal mining does to mountain communities and our life support system (water, land, air). Boyd’s pulse-quickening Carbon is the first creative work in the graphic novel medium to tackle this subject and it will inspire an entirely new audience to join the movement to end mountaintop removal.”

- Vivian Stockman, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition


“This gorgeously illustrated, testosterone-torqued ride does nothing less than chronicle the history of time from Genesis to Revelation. Boyd exposes the symbiotic relationship between humans and the coal that may keep furnaces burning, create jobs, and fill corporate coffers, but it could ultimately cost us not only the Garden, but our very souls.”​

- Marie Manilla, author of “Shrapnel” and “The Patron Saint of Ugly”





Bob and Susan Maslowski, Brendan Deininger, Guy Nelson, Curtis Baskerville, Jeff and Joyce Berryman, Lorre & Steve Wilson, Adam Castleman, Chris Rodrigues, Bill Richardson, The Angry Filmmaker Kelley Baker, Judy Poore, Mark Martin, Rick Kelly, John McIntyre, Barbara Leonard, Marina Hendricks, Sherry Skidmore, Rory-Owen Delaney, Laurie Keyser, Kim Hundley, Leslie Bragg,  Steve Goff and Beth Allen-Goff, Susan Hayden, Tim McClung, Angela Neal, Lisa Bragg, Pat Kelley, Jan Bezouska, Tim Flint, Betsy Allen, CR Hays, Chip Hitchcock, Frank Larnerd.

With Production/Promotional help from:

Chuck Beil, Charlie Cooper, Lisa Bragg and Steve Gilliland.