Emerging from the twilight… from out of the crypt and beyond the darkside comes…CHILLERS - Winner of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Film’s prestigious Silver Scroll Award.







Five lonely travelers, thrown together by chance realize that they have more in common than just bad dreams, when they are stranded overnight in a rural West Virginia bus depot.

Swapping their tales of terror becomes much more than killing time… from the Boy Scout who learns what survival really means; to the man who lifts the dearly departed from the obituary pages back into the world of the living; to a pool where swimmers are haunted by accident victims of the past; to an innocent coed who becomes host to the ancient Aztecs most feared spirit, Ixpe; and lastly of love affairs with vampires.

Brilliantly directed by Daniel Boyd, CHILLERS has received critical acclaim for its ingenious special effects and chilling mood. Five people fighting for their lives as the demons of their nightmares come alive to haunt, to hunt and to horrify! Evil Travels In Many Forms… Even By Bus in CHILLERS.

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“CHILLERS manages to exhibit more imagination than many a fear film costing several times its modest budget. The movie mixes sporadic gore with moodier, subtler and ultimately more unsettling tableaux that successfully unite the authentically eerie with the convincingly mundane.”


“Low-budget horror fans have a new hero and his name is Danny Boyd!”


“CHILLERS is tense, taut experience in terror!.


“Dropping the usual slasher nature of most contemporary horror flicks, the nightmares of CHILLERS offer more personal fears, and, in doing so, give the audience more sympathy for the characters. Boyd excels in setting the character and weaving a tighter story line before the thrills take over. In almost every case, the dreams related to the audience tell of secret wishers and anguish, offer solutions to the characters’ pain and then, once the dream subject is sucked in twist the solutions into fear.”


“A creepy anthology that delivers, with scary twists and fright-filled turns. A classy horror package like CHILLERS proves that quality regional video has finally come into it’s own.”


“The CHILLERS segments weave together to form very good entertainment, like listening to an absorbing campfire story.”


“Filmed entirely in West Virginia, CHILLERS is one of the best ‘B Videos’ to come out in along time. Each sequence is genuinely creepy and hard to forget. Portions are extremely intense and unpredictable. Much of this has to do with with the excellent directions, fast editing, realistic make-up and eerie sets. Acting is good throughout and expert writing gives this video plenty of twists to keep all viewers watching throughout.”


“A rare treat for fans of horror anthologies. CHILLERS is a classy, well-made, and scary movie, with a touch of humor.”


“CHILLERS – take B-movie making a step into the future. Despite the paltry budget, the script, photography and ambitions of CHILLERS outdistance most of the slash and gore films that line the shelves of video rental stores. There’s plenty of sordid humor, lots of good music and decent acting to boot.”


“CHILLERS is a very well made, serious horror anthology. All stories have clever plot twists and the music and effects are mostly top notch.”


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