DUI: It’s a Crime

“The time to begin alcohol education is when
the bottle still has a nipple on it.” 

- Virginia Roberts, Commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicles

A Four-part video made for
junior and senior high school audiences.

While driving home after a party, college student Jack Hamilton faces a chain of legal consequences following an accident causing injury to another driver. Each segment in this docudrama shows how Jack must deal with different aspects of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Video 1: Alcohol & The Law introduces Jack as a hardworking student and married family man who stops by a post-exam party and has a few beers. It is a rainy night on a dark, two-lane road as Jack drives home. He suddenly encounters a fallen boulder in front of him, swerves into the left lane to avoid it and smashes into an oncoming car injuring the driver. Taken to a hospital, Jack is lectured on soundly on effects of alcohol on the body. When a test shows 0.1% blood alcohol level in his system, Jack is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury (COLOR \ 20 MIN)

Video 2: The Criminal Trial takes the viewer through the booking and bailbonding procedures, Jack’s meeting with an attorney and his criminal trial. He is caught in an intricate legal process. (COLOR \ 29 MIN)

Video 3: Criminal Appeal & Civil Trial shows Jack’s unsuccessful appeal to the State Supreme Court, followed by a civil lawsuit filed by the injured party. Jack then indures yet another trial where an attorney hired by the injured parties’ insurance company defends him to protect its financial interest. (COLOR \ 30 MIN)

Video 4: Serving Time depicts Jack’s dehumanizing experience during four months in a county jail. He is counseled on the restrictions he must endure in a further two-year probationary sequence. Jack is reunited with his family to share the continuing hardships resulting from one night’s misjudgement. (COLOR \ 31 MIN)

“Excellent for the classroom. Entertaining and educational at the same time.”

-Vicki Wood, Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator

“Spectacular. Every driving teen should see this film. It brings home reality and consequences teens think they are immune to.”

-Kristan L. Williams, Project Director
Alcohol, Drugs, Driving & You,
The Prevention Center, Boulder, Colorado

“Powerful and Moving. A much needed, realistic look at drunk driving and its consequences.”

-Art Ashley, Sheriff

“Everyone should be required to see this movie so lives might be saved.”

-Sallye Adams, Office Manager, MADD,
West Virginia State Office

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