Ghosts of Green Bottom

In 1825, William Jenkins did the unthinkable. He crossed the rugged Appalachians to establish a Southern-style plantation on the wilderness fringe of Western Virginia. At its peak in the mid-1800s, the sprawling estate employed around eighty slaves working seventeen hundred acres of rich Ohio River bottomland.

Being loyal Virginians, the family cast its lot with the Confederacy during the Civil War. Their actions would trigger a series of fateful events that ended the plantation lifestyle and nearly destroyed the family’s once-proud legacy.
Over a century later all that remained of this massive enterprise was the family home.

With the support of the US Army Corps of Engineers, a team of archeologists turned a lot of dirt to rediscover the past and help interpret this lost era in American history.

From the award winning team that brought you “Red Salt & Reynolds,” explore this fascinating process as traditional research and modern archaeology combine to reveal the “Ghosts of Green Bottom.”

Program Length: 28 Minutes

2005 Telly Award Recipient

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