Off My Rocker

OFF MY ROCKER - a poignant 30 minute docmentary chronicling the special spirit and perspective of Clara Cassidy, newspaper columnist and commentator.

“I would like middle aged people to look forward with pleasure and confidence to their own upper most years.”

At 78 “CASS” offers a positive, constructive attitude toward aging while attacking the stereotypes that keep us from truly enjoying life.

“To me a Senior Citizen is someone who used to do something and doesn’t do it anymore. You wouldn’t call Toscanini and Segovia Senior Citizens!

Throughout the program, she candidly addresses the questions, issues and fears we all face in growing older: retirement, life after death, sex, alcoholism, continuing education, the double standard towards age

“The things of the body must grow old. But curiosity and imagination – these are childlike things that you can keep until the day you die.”

From her home in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia “Cass” shares anecdotes and insights on aging. She points the way toward a life filled with hope and confidence.

“The best period of my life? The one I’m in right this minute! The things that are gone are gone forever. What’s in the future might not ever come – but you have got today and that makes it the best.”

“Danny Boyd has created a sensitive look at a unique West Virginian. The film bristles with the energy and optimism of Clara Cassidy. She is truly an inspiration to everyone, juniors and seniors alike. One hopes that Danny Boyd will continue the process begun with ‘OFF MY ROCKER’. His approach provides an excellent system of documenting our people.”

-Norman L. Fagan
Commissioner, West Virginia
Department of Culture & History

“The film ‘OFF MY ROCKER’ is a highly creative and sensitive portrait of a 78 year old woman who has seized the challenge of the aging process and interprets it through her own unique creativity. Her positive and up-beat essays on aging encourage her peers to grow older with dignity, grace and humor. The apple head dolls which Ms. Cassidy uses in the film to illustrate and punctuate her words are an old mountain craft; and, like Ms. Cassidy, represent the vast resources that older people can bring to the whole fabric of American Culture”

-Jack Ossofsky
Executive Director
National Council on Aging

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