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    Great info and thanks for sharing. I remember a piece of advice I picked up from a blog (the pioneer woman?). She suggests writing like you are talking to a good friend or sister and I think that is brilliant and keeps me honest (when I do it, lol).

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    Findings about the flood are also very disputable, many many cultures with no Christian basis at all have stories of a flood which suggests “the flood” is a myth far older then the old testament and something that has been passed down and affected many cultures. Additionally the evidence for the flood does point to it focusing generally on the area of the world where people actually lived at that time.. and not a world wide flood. Finding ocean fossils in Denver does NOT point to a world wide flood it points to plate tectonics, ice ages, ect.

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    Craft each release to target a specific media outlet and send it to the specific reporter who covers that beat. This information can usually be found on the outlet’s website. Blasting the identical press release to multiple outlets and multiple reporters at the same outlet is a sign that you are taking shortcuts rather than targeting a specific market.

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