Set in the 1940′s, ‘SOLITAIRE’ explores the life of a young man disillusioned by love and retreating from life. The film concludes in the present when the man – now aged – is visited by the memory of his love. In a bittersweet moment he rejoins that love which frees him at last from life.

Running Time: 6:30

Filmmakers: Danny Boyd/Bill Hogan

With Music By: Tom Waits, Academy Award nominee

“‘Solitaire’ is a bittersweet study of the ancient theme of love lost but never forgotten. This program is tightly constructed around its music and the recurring solitaire theme motif. It is excellent work… ‘Solitaire’ may be counted on to charm live audiences, as I have seen it do, but will probably find its greatest use as a broadcast piece. For cable, commercial and public television it will serve anywhere a short feature is desired, and makes an especially effective counterpoint to lighter material.”

-Norman L. Fagan
Commissioner, West Virginia
Department of Culture & History

“…This video is a true ‘motion painting’ using the finest pastel colors to create a mood of lost love – and love regained. If ever there was a “video valentine” this is it! The period details, working class ethos, and smooth special effects are balanced properly, used to create just the right flavor in the heart. I recommend that you watch it for yourself and see what a delight it is!”

-Stephen L. Fesenmaier
Director of Film Services, West Virginia
Library Commission and Board Member,
Film Library Information Council of
New York City

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